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Your Own Funeral

Thinking about your own Funeral?

    Although no-one knows what happens after death, we all have our own ideas.  Death is a very powerful thing for all of us and many people find it difficult to talk about death; often because close family and friends don't want to hear and won't listen. Their motives may be well intentioned, thinking it's kinder to you not to talk about the topic of death. But it's after someone has died that families often realise that they never actually knew:

    • If you were an organ donor
    • If you had bequeathed your body to Medical Science
    • Whether you wanted your corpse to be buried or cremated
    • What form your funeral ceremony was to take (or even if there was to be a funeral ceremony!)

    Increasingly, people are taking financial responsibility for their own funerals to save your family from having to worry about paying for the funeral but you might also want to plan all or part of the ceremony for your own funeral. There is evidence that when you personalise your message to those you leave behind, that close friends and family attending your funeral find the funeral service both comforting and therapeutic in their own grieving journey. If you want my professional services in helping you plan your own ceremony; and capturing the precise words you want in the messages you leave, do get in touch. We can create a full funeral ceremony for you to approve; after which a copy is given to you, a copy is lodged with your chosen funeral director and I keep a copy on file. This helps ensure everything happens in accordance with your wishes.


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