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My family and friends were so enthralled with you Effie, you were fantastic and very fitting for Aunty X***. I must thank you very much.  As I said, I could have listened to you all day long.  We were all so happy you were there for us all.  Everyone was saying (and it's something you don't hear very often) that everything was so perfect and what a beautiful funeral, could not fault it.  I am so happy to have met you Effie, as are my sisters, and especially Mum, she was delighted, and still talks about you every day and telling everyone. I will be in touch with Funeral Director in the near future and of course you are rated as 100% fabulous.  You're a star!!!

Dear Effie, Thank you so much for all your help and indeed support at Mum's funeral. Everyone present commented on what a lovely service it was. Very much appreciate your help in making what was a very sad day one that we will all remember fondly. All our best wishes.

Thank you Effie. We got great feedback from family and friends who attended my gran's funeral who all said it was a lovely ceremony. We can't thank you enough for making my gran's final farewell perfect for her. I will print off the attached document you have sent me and file it in her memory box. Thanks again

Dear Effie, Thank you once again for leading the funeral service for my mother. My family and I found the ceremony both moving and comforting. We appreciate the time and thought you put into writing the ceremony script.  Your reading of the script was marvellous. My husband was sorry that there were not more people there to appreciate it! I would like other families to experience your commitment to giving their loved ones a dignified farewell. Thank you for taking time for us.

Effie, I just wanted to say thank you for today.  Everyone talked about how lovely the cremation was and how you pulled together all the aspects of ***'s life in a lovely way.  I so appreciate it. Kindest regards,

Your declamation of the script on Tuesday was perfect and exactly what I wanted. I knew you would be great anyway. Although you are a diminutive lady ("wee made" as X*** would have said) your voice certainly carries and everybody heard you clearly.  Not only that but your pacing and delivery were excellent. Nothing rushed and garbled. Totally august and befitting the occasion. Thank you also for being patient with my various revisions.   The other factor of course was my meeting with you last Wednesday to thrash out some sort of outline for the paean. You handled this in a most sensitive and intelligent way.  Effie I would certainly recommend you to anyone requiring a similar service. Thanks again to you Effie and all my affections to you. Yours ***

I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely send-off that you gave mum on Tuesday. X*** and I really appreciated your guidance on Monday in particular and I think the service perfectly captured the essence of mum's life. Thank you so much.

You gave X*** a wonderful send off and although I found it hard on the day to express my gratitude, I would like to personally thank you for your time, attention to detail and for the consideration you placed in composing the words for the service.  Despite the sadness and sorrow, everyone spoke of the day being a positive reflection of X*** and remembered her for the happy and content person she was.  This was what we intended for her and could not have done it without you. Wishing you future success and in helping others in their time of sorrow or celebration.

Dear Effie, I hope you are well. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the beautiful service for my mum. It was so personal but everyone related what you said exactly to my mum and the person she was. I can't thank you enough once again for your professionalism, kindness, patience and understanding - and your special gift of capturing the essence of wee X*** in a 25 minute service xx Best wishes

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